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Local, National & International Investigation


Local, National and International Investigation experience combined with global resources to fulfill our client needs. Learn More.


Due Diligence & Background Research


Due Diligence and Background Research to assist individuals, corporations, and the legal profession with their intelligence needs. Learn More.
Perform an online background check.


Executive Protection & Security Solutions


Executive Protection and Security Solutions to keep our clients safe and secure no matter the depth of their needs. Learn More.

Investigations, Intelligence & Security

Online Background Check

Global Intelligence Consultants, Inc. provides business full service investigation services, background checks, corporate intelligence, risk management, and security solutions to the legal, corporate and private communities on a National and International basis.  The corporation offers an investigative and intelligence solutions, by providing clients with the necessary information essential to facilitate strategic decision-making, thereby maximizing on confidence and integrity in the performance of their investigation on behalf of their clients.

We are the Top Investigative Firm in St. Louis, Missouri and it is not just because we are the Largest firm in town. Our team always focuses on what is best for our clients and delivers results with professionalism, integrity and the highest quality whether across the country or across the globe.

“Intelligence is an art, not an exact science; our success depends on our ability to develop creative ways to find and develop intelligent information!”