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Adultery or Infidelity Investigations

Suspecting a partner of having an affair can be a very emotional and overwhelming experience. To be assured of anything, one way or the other, you need to acquire irrefutable facts upon which to rely and otherwise confirm or negate the suspicions, or otherwise identifying and understanding the causes that gave rise to them.

At our Missouri and Florida offices, Global Intelligence Consultants investigate the questioned activities of spouse, partners and significant others to help our clients acquire the truth needed to make important and potentially life-altering decisions related to domestic infidelity. To assist with this decision making, GIC offers:


Surveillance - our professional investigators have superior training with latest technology and equipment in order to monitor persons, property, and travel.




Asset Searches - one thing is certain, no matter how hard an individual tries, money always has a trail. Our professionals will trace assets, expose wrongdoings, and work with you until we have uncovered all assets.




Online Infidelity - in today’s digital age, affairs are no longer just physical activity with a non-spouse, but have deep emotional scars due to betrayal via online chats, content and imagery. Our computer forensic experts can work with you to recover erased history, hidden accounts, past emails / messaging, etc. to help you understand just what your suspected spouse/partner may be doing online.



It is an unfortunate fact that once someone suspects issues of infidelity, more often than not their suspicions transpire to be with merit, such is the nature of a deterioration in relationships; but in fairness, positive qualification is essential for assuredness, accuracy and ultimate peace of mind, and especially so should it be necessary to prepare for court proceedings.

At Global Intelligence Consultants we assist our clients in identifying the truth. Whether in regards to a child custody issue, locating assets, acquiring evidence of co-habitation for alimony adjustment or any like requirement, we can help you with those objectives by working with you or your legal representatives.

Let our professional investigators provide you with the truth!