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David P. Roberts, F.I.P.I. - B.A.I.

Our senior consultant and owner of an international investigative and security management corporation since 1984, David Roberts, is a Fellow of the Institute of Professional Investigators, is a Board Accredited Investigator, a Certified Security and Safety Consultant and a member of some of the most prolific investigative and security organizations in the world.

A former supervisory police officer emanating from specialist departments within New Scotland Yard in London, David has an acknowledged expertise at in-depth national and international insurance, civil and criminal investigations. He has extensive investigative, intelligence gathering and security management experience at government, legal, institutional, private and commercial level to include International Crisis Management, Emergency Response and Evacuation disciplines.

Formerly responsible for provision of executive and personal protective services to members of the Royal Families of Britain, Saudi Arabia and other middle-eastern countries, as well as diplomats, heads of commerce at Fortune 500 corporate levels and various high profile personalities from the entertainment industry; David has acquired extensive local, national and global expertise, specializing in the provision of advanced executive protection and associated security disciplines to numerous discerning high-profile clients both in commerce and the entertainment industry.

David is responsible for initiating, developing, managing and controlling, national and international strategic intelligence, investigative and security networking resources, assets and personnel; collating all information sourced, evaluating, disseminating and implementing such for the benefit of client strategies within domestic and international multi-faceted corporate project initiatives.