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Joe Adams

Special Operations

joe adams

Protecting people for over 40 years, Mr. Adams is a former Marine who worked in Naval Intelligence with Top Secret Clearance, has been a private investigator for over 40 years and has three decades of work as a contract covert operative with various government agencies including the FBI, DEA and the CIA as well as with allied foreign militaries friendly to the United States.

Mr. Adams has earned the respect of the law enforcement community in the US as well as internationally, business community, legal community and political community through the results that he consistently produces in getting the job done all over the world.

Mr. Adams is an Officer of the 22nd Circuit Court, City of St Louis holding a Process Server License since 1995 and a licensed and bonded private investigator in the State of Missouri.  This authorizes him to protect persons and property.

He has received numerous awards over the years including most recently one of seven Americans awarded the Hero’s of Freedom and Liberty Award and has been nominated for the Civilian Medal of Honor.

Professional Experience

  • Provided services in Nicaragua, Burma, Croatia, Haiti, Philippines, Thailand, Mexico, Costa Rica, South Africa, South Korea, Fiji, Malaysia, Japan, Cuba, Chile, Honduras, Laos, Panama, Germany, Holland, Egypt, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Slovenia, India, St Lucia, Belize, Cambodia, Grenada, El Salvador, Guatemala, Canada, Peru, Indonesia and Pakistan.
  • Planned and provided protection details for many dignitaries, corporate executives, politicians and others in the United States and elsewhere.
  • Led security and personal bodyguard for Dr. Adolfo Callero, the Director and President of the Contra Rebel Freedom Fighters in Nicaragua and President’ Ronald Reagan’s choice for the first Democratic President of Nicaragua.  He trained Contra Rebel Freedom Fighters and their security personnel for executive protection of their Congressional personnel.
  • Organized and trained commandos for an all student revolutionary group, The Democratic Alliance Burma Army, fighting the military dictatorship in Burma.
  • Organized, trained and led the First Special Forces Group, the Croatian Rangers, during the war in the Balkans.
  • Orchestrated logistical support for a variety of special operations, run counter terrorist demolition teams and led both aerial and ground intelligence reconnaissance missions.
  • Orchestrated and conducted surveillance and investigations for thousands of purposes including capturing a FBI Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitive, finding and recovering kidnapped children,  orchestrating the release of US civilians captured or held in foreign prisons, infiltrating a cult in Costa Rica to recover a 15 year old kidnapped girl – missing for 6 months.
  • Tracked and recovered stolen property, fugitives and bail bond jumpers.
  • Commands an intelligence team on the southwest border of the US providing intelligence and support to US Homeland Security Personnel in the field.  Having located numerous deceased persons in the desert, he has located family members to bring them closure.