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Michael Barbieri, PhD

National & International Senior Investigator

mike barbieri

Dr. Barbieri offers 25 years of experience in law enforcement and in the investigative field. His expertise includes:

  • National and International Murder Investigations.
  • Kidnapping Cases both Domestic & Foreign Countries.
  • Certified Executive Protection Expert.
  • Insurance Fraud, Workers Compensation Case, Domestic Investigations.
  • Graduated from the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Police Academy, Dr. Barbieri has worked with Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, and as an investigator with local law enforcement.
  • Associated with and performed investigations for numerous National and International governmental agencies and has received additional training from such entities as the FBI, U.S. Department of State, U.S. Attorneys Office, Bolivian Secret Police, Nicaragua National Military police, Honduran Military Police, Brazilian Military Police, Mexican Military Police, Vietnamese Division of Investigation, Chinese Secret Police, U.S. Department of Defense, DIA, DEA, and U.S. Military.
  • Licensed Investigator in the State of Missouri, #2010009141.